Saturday, October 15, 2011

Water Baby

Connor has shown a love of water from an early age. Being a stay-at-home Mom, I am constantly looking for things for Connor and I to do, you can easily go crazy staying in the house all day.

We of course started going to our local Mommy & Me group at Kaiser which meets once a week (we still go) as soon as I felt Connor was old enough. He was a preemie so we didn't start going until he was a month old. When a mother would introduce herself and say her baby was only EIGHT days old I couldn't help but gasp I was shocked, I was so accustomed to keeping Connor home and away from people and germs. But I promise no judgment, just shock and maybe some jealousy that I was cooped up for so long.

So when Connor was 6 months old (the required age) we joined the Mommy & Me swim class at the YMCA. He was a natural from the start! The swim instructor said some babies are just born swimmers. And let me tell you... Connor is without a doubt one of those babies. He was holding his breath and going under water, with no fear, at our first session. The other moms would ask me what my secret was as their children clung to them for dear life and I said I had no idea!

Bath time is one of Connor's FAVORITE times. Which I am sure is true of a lot of other babies his age. I can't believe in 60 days I will have to start calling him a toddler!

Just for fun here are the products we use...

First I pour a small amount of Johnson's bedtime bath into the water, then after a lot of splashing and tons of water on the floor I wash him using Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash. After his bath I use Johnson's bedtime bath lotion.

I've had a lot of mom's tell me they can't use Johnson's products because their babies have sensitive skin. But if your baby is like Connor and does not have sensitive skin then I would recommend these. They are great and the bedtime line smells so good. People always tell me how good he smells. :)

In his jammies and ready for bed, one tired boy! That is the goal of bath time right?


Jayme said...

I love the picture of him splashing in the tub.. CUTE!!

Bridget said...


Danielle said...

He is definitely a fish! I LOVE seeing him in the water. So cute! :)