Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Connor's 1st Birthday Party!

Connor's party was perfect! Everything turned out wonderful and we were surrounded by people we love! We missed a few of you who were unable to make it but felt your love regardless. I can't believe it but I didn't shed any tears! Maybe that's because he isn't really turning 1 until the 14th. So for now, he's still my baby...no toddler in this house!


I know you're too young and won't remember your 1st birthday party, but I'll make sure to show you the 534 pictures we took when you're older. But I just wanted to tell you that you loved it. You even unwrapped your own gifts, with a tiny help from Momma you are the smartest 1 year old I know! There were no melt-downs, not 1 tear (from you or me), you weren't shy, in fact I think you played with everyone at some point. You loved all the attention!

We may have had 1 hiccup at the party when Grammie came to me worried, saying you were missing. Um WHAT!? Well we found you.... in the bathroom ....door closed....playing in the toilet. You're a sneaky one that's for sure, and FAST! We have no idea how you snuck away and no one noticed. It wasn't a proud moment and I had to take deep breaths and try not to panic, because after all, you were OK. Every kid needs a story of their parents "losing" them, right? I think mine was at a party on a big yacht, right Mom? Just another life lesson my sweet boy.

We all love you so much baby, but I must say...Momma loves you the MOST. I waited my whole life for you. I knew I would have a little boy, I had dreams about it for years and years. But my dreams were wrong, the little boy in my dreams was nothing compared to you. You are amazing. You are sweet. You are very funny. You are loving. You are so smart. You are handsome. You are my sweet sweet baby boy and that my son, you will always be. No matter what age we celebrate at your birthday party. I love you as much as the dirt and leaves. 

Love, Momma xoxo

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