Monday, December 5, 2011

Why I've Been MIA

It has been a crazy week and a half! 

First there was Thanksgiving; my poor Mom's oven broke a few days before so our traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my parents was moved to my house. Which I must say...I loved. I love having people over and it forced me to do some deep cleaning that I had been avoiding. 

It was an extra special day because it was Connor's 1st Thanksgiving! He loved the garlic mashed potatoes and turkey, he ate more than I thought would fit in his tummy. It was straight to the bath after dinner for him, what a mess! 

Tip of the day: Do NOT wash the mountain of dishes in hot hot water while baby is still finishing dinner. Why? Because when Grammie goes to give him a bath and wash all the mashed potatoes out of his ears and hair, she will have to do it in cold water. Poor baby! SORRY! 

Thanksgiving in pictures....

Then of course there was Black Friday. I am not one of those crazies dedicated people who are willing to stand in line for hours in the cold to save a couple bucks. Plus when you have an almost-one-year-old he is not going to care that you were out shopping all night, he is still going to want to get up and play at 7:30 am. Ouch. Connor, what happened to sleeping in until 9? Momma is missing it. 

I did however battle some crowds the next morning. My best friend Danielle and I went to Kohl's to check out the toys. SO WORTH IT. The learning toys were 50-65% off AND I had a coupon for 15% off your entire order. Can you say score!? I Santa found everything I had been planning on getting for Connor and I only spent $50! Which earned me $15 free Kohl's cash! YES! I got Connor a baby laptop that teaches numbers, letters, and shapes. Maybe now he'll leave my laptop alone so I can write this blog If only it were that easy. I also got him a baby cell phone, in the hopes it will keep him away from my IPhone, which he is obsessed with even though I have never let him play with it. I got him a couple other toys and a bunch of long sleeve t-shirts in 18 months because my big boy is outgrowing all his 12 month clothes. But the best thing I found? An inflatable ball pit for $20!! I am so excited! He is going to love love love it! And no, I won't mind picking up all the balls, he has other toys that are just as messy, and the few minutes it takes me every night to clean up the toys are worth every quiet moment I get during the day when Connor is playing by himself like a big boy.

That Sunday was also my husband's 29th birthday!!! Yikes, last year of his twenties. I told him next year I'm trading him in for a newer model! HAHA! It was his 1st birthday as a Daddy, so it was extra special. We have a tradition that we go over to my parents house on our birthdays (not to be confused with Sunday Dinners) and my Mom makes us our favorite dinner and we get a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. YUM. (I'm a horrible wife, I forgot to bring the camera.)

Monday morning I hit the ground running, literally. I had SO much to do before Connor's 1st Birthday Party, which was yesterday. Which I will tell you all about tomorrow. :) I also did a bunch of DIY projects that I will be writing about later, stay tuned! They are pretty awesome. 

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Bridget said...

Trust me I know how much you love him. A mothers love runs so deep it almost hurts. And, yes you made me cry again. xoxoxo