Friday, February 17, 2012

Weight Watchers - Week 6

I just got back from my meeting and all I have to say is after not losing any weight last week, this week officially sucked.

Start Date:  Jan. 5, 2012
Starting Weight: 198

Today's Date: Feb. 16, 2012
Current Weight: 189.8

Week 6: Gained .2
Total Loss: 8.2 (WAS 8.4)
I have no idea why I've had 2 bad weeks in a row and I have no words of encouragement. And to be honest...I don't have much hope for next weeks weigh-in because this weekend is my birthday and I have 3 dinners to go to (2 out to eat and 1 a home cooked meal).  It is what it is, I guess. Tonight I just want to sulk, and I'm going to let myself. Tomorrow though, is Day 1 of week 7 and I plan on hitting it HARD at the gym. 
Note: My Daily Point Limit is now 31 points down from 32 because I've lost 8.4 pounds. You also get an additional 49 points a week to use however you want (a little everyday, all at once, or not at all). You also earn points for the activity that you do. 

 Day 1: Used 31 points. (0 points remaining) 

Day 2: Used 34 points. (Used 3 of my 49 extra)
Day 3: Used 34 points. (Used 3 of my 49 extra)
Day 4: Used 23 points points. (8 points remaining)
1st day at the gym!
 2 points for 20 minutes on the bike
 1 point for 10 minutes of weight lifting
3 points for 35 minutes on the elliptical. 
Total: Earned 6 points 
Day 5: Use 44 points. (Used 13 of my 49 extra)
Day 6: Used 40 points. (Used 9 of my 49 extra)
2nd day at the gym!
2 points for 30 minutes of weight lifting 
3 points for 30 minutes on the bike
3 points for 30 minutes on the elliptical
Total: Earned 8 points
 Day 7: Used 38 points. (Used 7 of my 49 extra)

49 Extra Weekly Points Used: 35 (They say you can still lose weight when using your 49 extra points. I know everyone is different but I'm seeing that the more of the 49 I use, the less weight I lose.)
Activity Points Earned: 14 (Didn't use these for food)
 Week 7 Goal:
Try to drink more water a day. Go to the gym at least twice. My husbands goal for me...STOP SKIPPING BREAKFAST


Bridget said...

Hang in there, you are working really hard and hard work ALWAYS pays off in the end! Love you!

Danielle said...

You're doing great! Like your mom said, hard work DOES pay off. Keep it up! I bet next week will be better. <3

Danielle said...

PS... You're glasses SO weighed 2 oz. :o)

trish said...

You're doing so good! A miniscule step back does not negate all the steps forward that you've taken.

Also, Trish's goal for you this week: Don't skip breakfast! Even if it's a piece of toast or an apple. Don't make me come over there... :)