Friday, February 10, 2012

Weight Watchers - Week 5

Another week down. Has it really been over a month since starting Weight Watchers?

Last weeks goal was to go on a walk 3x and drink 24 oz of water a day. I didn't walk at all this week. Connor was very sick (104.6 fever kind of sick) so we stayed home. He's much better today, just a nasty lingering cough. I also didn't drink water everyday but I definitely drank more than I did last week. So that's a step in the right direction, right? Right!

Start Date:  Jan. 5, 2012
Starting Weight: 198

Today's Date: Feb. 9, 2012
Current Weight: 189.6

Week 5 = Maintained last weeks weight.
Total Loss =  0 

Although I would have loved to lose weight this week I wasn't expecting a loss. Even though I stayed within my points plus allowance, I made poor choices. I was PMSing (sorry TMI) so I had major cravings for junk food and I let myself have it. I have said from the start that this is not a diet and I will not restrict myself from the things I want. If I do that, I will fail. I just try to make healthy choices and eat healthy proportions. 

The fact that I ate like crap, thanks a lot hormones maintained my current weight and did not gain, is success in my eyes. 

Next week (which starts tomorrow) is a whole new week and I'm all in! Our Brand.Spanking.New 24HourFitness opens on Saturday and I can't wait to start working out on Monday!

Note: My Daily Point Limit is now 31 points down from 32 because I've lost 8.4 pounds. You also get an additional 49 points a week to use however you want (a little everyday, all at once, or not at all). You also earn points for the activity that you do. 

 Day 1: Used 38 points. (Used 7 of my 49 extra) 

Day 2: Used 28 points. (3 points remaining)
Day 3: Used 31 points. (0 points remaining)
Day 4: Used 32 points. (Used 1 of my 49 extra)
Day 5: Use 32 points. (Used 1 of my 49 extra)
Day 6: Used 31 points. (0 points remaining)
 Day 7: Used 38 points. (Used 7 of my 49 extra)

49 Extra Weekly Points Used: 16
Activity Points Earned: 0 <--- That's disappointing
 Week 6 Goal:
Try to drink more water a day. Go to the gym 2x this week.

PS. Thank goodness I didn't have to move a rock from my 'Pounds Lost' jar back to my 'Pounds to Lose' jar, THAT would have been depressing.


Weight Loss said...

thanks for the words of encouragement it does help to keep me on the straight and narrow :-)

Bridget said...

Good job! No giving up, it's not your style. Your right about being proud for not gaining, good job Sunshine! xoxo

trish said...

I love these updates! And you're right -- making healthy choices is the ultimate goal, and what fun would life be if you always had to deny yourself?

Danielle said...

You're doing so great. Maintaining is definitely something to be proud of! Good job!!!

Meghan said...

You're doing great!