Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crazy busy weekend!

Thursday 10/27 - Connor and I attend a Mommy & Me group at our local Kaiser every Thursday, since it was the Thursday before Halloween everyone decided to bring their babies in costume! They were all so adorable! We tried really hard to get a group picture of the babies but being that they range in age from 6 months to 1 year, you can imagine how impossible difficult that was. But we tried and here is what we ended up with...

Friday 10/28 - Andrew works in construction and work has been slow so we are broke broke which means he has random days off. He had Friday off and we decided to take Connor to the pumpkin patch assuming it would be crazy packed on Saturday. Since Connor and I had just gone with our playgroup we knew our way around and showed Daddy our favorite parts, like the giant box of corn kernels! So we spent some time looking at the animals, taking silly pictures, playing in the corn kernels and then finally picking out the perfect pumpkin for Connor's first Halloween. 

Saturday 10/29 - Now that Connor is close to walking I decided I should probably get him his first pair of real shoes. Grammie offered to buy them for him, so off to the Outlet Mall we went. Other Mommies told me to go to Stride Rite for his first pair of shoes because they have stages. Stage 1 is for babies. You know the shoes that are just cute but serve to purpose. Stage 2 is for early walkers. Babies who crawl most of the time but are learning to walk. This is what stage Connor is in. Stage 3 is for babies exclusively walking. I picked a pair of shoes that I felt would go with everything. I didn't want to get him more than 1 pair of shoes because he'll soon need Stage 3. 

FUN FACT: He's a size 4 wide. Apparently he has "tall feet" aka fat chubby feet. :)

Sunday 10/30 - We decided to save the pumpkin carving for Sunday Family Day. Connor was in a horrible mood because he's teething and won't nap not very interested in carving pumpkins.
But after a little encouraging he played with some of the slimy gooey pumpkin guts. That is the correct term right? So I took a million a few pictures before he had a complete meltdown. Then Grammie took him in the house while Mommy carved a Monster into his pumpkin. Then Connor enjoyed his first spaghetti dinner (so many firsts!) followed by a pickle! 

Monday 10/31 - Fast forward to Halloween. It's also our Monday playgoup. We decided to go to a drop-in kinder gym that morning. Of course being Halloween all the babies came in costume. It was so much fun! Connor was all over the place. Maybe that's why I am EXTRA tired yesterday? 

That evening we took Connor over to his Great Aunt Carol's to trick-or-treat and see his cousins. His cousin's Zack and Daniel were dressed as Mario & Luigi and I thought Connor looked like Yoshi! So for the rest of the night he was Yoshi instead of just a silly dinosaur. :) 

Next we went to Grammie & Grandpa's for a quick dinner and a couple houses of trick-or-treating. Connor has no idea that this will soon be a day he and his stomach cherish. FREE CANDY! But for now he just had fun getting extra attention from everyone.

It was a long day and Connor was more than happy to put on his Halloween jammies, have a warm bottle and go to bed. 

I'm sure to him it seemed like any other day. To me however, it was another milestone, another first, another special memory of our new family of 3.

Mental Note: Remember to hand someone else the camera and ask them to take a picture of Connor and I, especially on special occasions such as his first Halloween. Sigh.

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Danielle said...

You're such a great Mommy! I love it! You got some really great pictures. It looks like you guys definitely had an exciting weekend! <3 Xoxo