Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OMG It's starting!

Just had to share! ...
Connor took THREE steps tonight! 
We've been working on standing for awhile now. I stand him up and let go; he'll stand for as long as possible (up to 30ish seconds now) then laugh and fall forward into my arms, giggling the entire time. He thinks this is the worlds funniest game! Well tonight I stood him up and he laughed and WALKED to me! Three whole steps! I wasn't even coaxing him to walk to me. Andrew and I were shocked! 

"Did you see that!? Did he just walk!? Does this count!?" 

I decided it definitely counts, especially because he did it on his own! Crazy thing? I had a dream last night that he was walking. WOAH. 

Seems like just yesterday his little feet were itty bitty. 

Momma is obsessed with taking pictures of your cute feet!

Sweet Baby Boy...I can't wait to go on new adventures! So many new and exciting things await us, walking his a whole new world to explore. I will follow your cute little footsies anywhere you want to go. So proud of you! 

Love, Momma


trish said...

"Does this count?" HA! It only doesn't count if you didn't see it (like if he was with someone else when it happened). :)

Bridget said...

Yea, does it count? You goose of course it counts. HE DID IT <3