Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pickles & Lemons

Ok...we've all done it right? Let our babies try something we know they won't like just to see their reaction. Like pickles...

I let Connor try a dill pickle and he loved it. I mean it, he really loved it.

Today after our Mommy & Me group, we went to lunch with my new friend Megan and her beautiful daughter Ellie. We met at the Mommy & Me group and turns out we went to High School together! Yep, we're from a small town. :)

While we were at lunch I noticed Megan had a lemon slice on her soda (random!) so I rudely grabbed it asked if I could have it and decided to do what all Mom's eventually do right? Let Connor try it just to see his cute face when he realizes it's sour.

He actually sucked on it for awhile before realizing it was sour. I wish I would have thought to have my IPhone ready to take a picture of the moment he realized it was sour, it was the cutest thing! But after a second he went right back to sucking on the lemon and eventually ate the lemon like it wasn't even sour.

I guess he likes tangy/sour things. Definitely my kid.

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trish said...

Love the new design you've got!

Those pictures of Connor eating the pickle are HILARIOUS!