Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Things I Love Right Now

My Sweet Boy,
Last weekend you turned 13 months old!!! I absolutely cannot believe it. You truly are my sweet sweet boy and I love you to the moon and back. Everyday you're changing. Constantly growing and learning new things. Here is a list of 10 things you do right now that I love. 

1. Every night when I lay you down for bed, you stand up and turn on your music player all by yourself. Then you hold on to the side of your crib and jump up and down like a maniac. You do this every night without fail. 
2. Whenever you are around other babies you want to kiss and hug them. It's the sweetest thing.
 3. In the middle of playing, you will look around the room for me and once you see me (or Daddy), you just giggle and go back to playing.
 4. You love love love when Daddy plays his guitar. You will stop whatever you are doing and run (yes you run now) over to him and just stare. If there is a guitar on TV it gets the same reaction.
 5. The endless hugs and kisses you give me throughout the day, even without me asking. Melts my heart.
 6. You're a fish. At least you think you are. If it involves water, you're all over it. Even if this means finding you playing in the toilet or the dog bowl. Both your Daddy and I love to swim so this makes us very happy. We can't wait to spend summers at the lake with you.
 7. You're easy going personality. Not much upsets you little man. I actually can't think of anything other than the given, hungry or tired. You're always up for dates, walks, the park, boring errands, grocery shopping, all of it. You think it's all so fun!
 8. How much you love Luke (our boxer) you follow him around everywhere, and you think everything he does is hilarious. Even if he's just scratching his ear.
 9. In the past month or so you have really been learning. You point to everything and say "Ah Da?" AKA "What's that?". You are actually figuring out all your toys instead of just banging them together.
 10. Books. You love your books. We have them on a shelf in the living room and everyday you pull them all down and will sit and look through them, one page at a time. You've been doing that for months now. And if I listen carefully, you're talking very quietly while you do it, I like to think you're making up a story to go with the pictures. You are a genius after all.

    Love Always,


    Trish Shurtz said...

    He's going to be a tough act to follow.... :-)

    Danielle said...

    I love this! He is one awesome lil boy!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh this is so sweet! What an awesome idea! Your little guy is a ham :-)

    Bridget said...

    I love that you did this! You are an amazing Momma! xoxo